Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Most Worn Things

My friend Lola posted this a few days ago. I have been wanting to do it too! I think it is fun to see what peoples' favorites are. If you want to share, leave a link in the comments. I would LOVE to see what you like too! ~Tabi

1) Most Worn Lipstick/Lipgloss NARS Turkish Delight

2) Most Worn Earrings Diamond stud earrings that my dad bought me when I turned 16.

3) Most Worn Shirt A "What the Duck" shirt that my brother got me. I use it to workout in.

4) Most Worn Nail Polish OPI Bubble Bath

5) Most Worn Shoes A pair of black Christian Louboutin peep toe heels that my boss bought me a couple of years ago. Best shoes ever!!!

6) Most Worn Hair Product CHI Shine Infusion

7) Most Worn Perfume Clinique Happy

8) Most Worn Handbag/Purse Dooney and Burke Zebra Print Bag with Red Stitching

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vegas Here We Come

We are on our way! Yes, people we are going to Vegas! We leave in a couple of hours. And I am pumped! After our show last night, we are so ready for Vegas! We performed 2 shows last night. And the BBs performed 1 set. They didn't do more because they had just played in NC. But they are definitely ready too! The VIP show lasted until way into the wee hours of the morning. But it was a good show!

Today when we get to Vegas, we are going to be practicing. We have on stage rehearsals for a few hours. Then we are going to a big and fancy dinner with our 2 bosses. They are pumped up! So am I! I enjoy performing. And lately, it doesn't happen much! But dinner with them is always fun. We laugh, eat, and eventually find ourselves playing poker!

We are going to be in Vegas until November 10th. That means Halloween in Sin City. And boy Cole did not disappoint in the costume scene. Not at all! Besides the costumes she made for the shows, she made 2 sets of costumes for our Halloween shows. One night, we are going to be Barbies! How fun is that? I am ready! On Halloween, we are going to be HOT Vampires! It is going to be fun!

That's about all. There are 75 people going! I know! It is crazy. But it is the band. Some of them are taking their girlfriends or wives. Then you have us ladies and Lola. Some friends are meeting us. And Mr. Blue Eyes and his friends are going. We have our team, Manders, D, and Cole. There are a bunch of people going. But this is no way the largest group we have ever taken with us! We are flying on 2 private planes. I don't exactly know how we are splitting up. Then on the 3rd plane, it is the bands' instruments, our luggage, and anything else we need. Did I tell you, we ship trunks of clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. ahead of time? Yup! We have a lot of junk that we have to take. But it should be fun! ~Tabi

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tired and Packing

I'm completely exhausted! Ya I am! But I need to pack. We are going to be gone until November 10th! OMG! I can't believe how long this set of shows is going to be. I am a little nervous. We haven't really been too prepared this time around. I don't know why. But after tonight, I am scared for tomorrow. We are going to practice with Lola. Then we are doing a VIP performance. Super nervous!

Tuesday morning, we are leaving for Vegas! I am excited about going. But still worried. After we perform 2-3 times, I will be OK again. It is just getting over the nerves the first few times. Going through hair and makeup. Making sure we don't have any costume malfunctions. That sort of thing. Both Daddy Warbucks and GQ Man are coming to watch our VIP Show. They are our bosses. Just a little more to be worried about!

But I can't stress too much about that right now! I need to pack. I need to remember everything that I need to take. Because I always forget something! Thank God we send our costumes ahead of time. And the Cole is going to take what we need tomorrow. Because I have been known to forget some important things like that! ~Tabi

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fill-ins

1. The crickets sing, bedtime songs.

2. I love you wherever you are.

3. I want to get far away from the stress and pain of these practices.

4. My paycheck for Sin City; this was a dream.

5. But as for me I am going to enjoy it, because I've earned it.

6. Who knows where I come from.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going home after practice, tomorrow my plans include rehearsal all day and Sunday, I want to pack for our trip! ~Tabi

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally Home

I finally got home. It is much warmer here! Yay! I am so glad!!! I have seen enough rain for a long while. All it did while we were in NC was rain. It was so cold out there. We all ended up buying hats, scarves, and gloves.

But it was a good time. I am glad that we went! We only practiced 2 times. But that was OK. It was like a bonding trip for all of us. We got much closer. I also tried to convince Daddy Warbucks to join us on twitter. But no deal yet. I am a little worried about our upcoming rehearsals though!!!

Daddy Warbucks and GQ are going to possibly attend our upcoming practices. I could also tell that Lola was ready to pick apart everything. We have had so much material to learn. And no time at all! With some of the girls getting sick, that really cut into our practice time.

This week is going to be murder. And it is going to be worse when Lola starts practicing with us. But it is almost time for us to go perform. We all need that kick in the butt! I just hope, that my butt stays in 1 piece. Only time will tell. ~Tabi

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Challenge

The guys challenged us girls to a pool tournament tonight. I don't think, that they thought, that we know how to play pool. I have to admit, we like to play when we go to Sin City! Lola is a pool shark!!! I think she could have a career in it if she chose to.

But the guys challenged us. I think that Mr. Blue Eyes there, wanted to challenge Lola. Or watch her play. Either way, we were all up for the challenge! One by one, we beat the guys. I don't think they could believe their eyes!!!

Lola spanked Mr. Blue Eyes. But he didn't mind. I caught him more than once checking her out! It was hysterical! When all was said and done Ladies 28-Guys 3! Yup, we spanked them! A few of the guys wanted to challenge us to something else. But couldn't figure out what. They thought about Poker. Then they remembered that Lola plays with the Mafia when we go to Sin City. Ya, we know the Mafia. And they like to play Poker. They have taught us all!

Instead, we have just been hanging out. It has been a lot of fun! Lola cooked a big BBQ spread. Mr. Blue Eyes helped out. He was the "Grill Man." The food was so good. It is a nice way to end out trip. It is still cold and rainy. But we are having such a good time! I really don't want to go home! ~Tabi

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jewelry Man

Tonight, I decided to help out backstage. I know Cole and Manders are a little overwhelmed. Lola has 5 complete costume and jewelry changes. I volunteered to help. I also think it will keep me away from the mechanical bull! It was fun to ride last night. But I do need a little rest from it!

There are so many people here tonight! It is crazy. But the band is incredible tonight!!! They are performing for a fundraiser. It is to help kids. Totally a good cause. Lola has a body guard. It is pretty funny. He has to guard the jewels that she gets to wear. They are beauties!

This guy is so serious. He won't crack a smile!!! I tried to crack some jokes. You know me!!! But he just won't pay any attention. He has to follow her everywhere. Her and the jewels. He carries what she is not wearing at the moment. He also knows the schedule for her costume changes. He hands me what we need as she is coming off the stage.

But he follows her and I until we get to her dressing room. Then he waits outside. He also followed her to an off stage bathroom. And stood right outside the door. What a job!!! But he is serious about it.

For me, tonight is a lot milder than last night. Last night, I just had a really good time. I had a couple of drinks. And took a few rides on the mechanical bull. By the way, if you have never tried one before, you should!!! It is so much fun!!!

I should get back to paying attention. Lola has a costume change coming up. Manders is in charge of her hair and makeup. Cole deals with the clothes and shoes. I do the jewelry. And there are 5 costume changes. We have 2 minutes to get it all done!!! Craziness!!! ~Tabi