Monday, October 19, 2009

Jewelry Man

Tonight, I decided to help out backstage. I know Cole and Manders are a little overwhelmed. Lola has 5 complete costume and jewelry changes. I volunteered to help. I also think it will keep me away from the mechanical bull! It was fun to ride last night. But I do need a little rest from it!

There are so many people here tonight! It is crazy. But the band is incredible tonight!!! They are performing for a fundraiser. It is to help kids. Totally a good cause. Lola has a body guard. It is pretty funny. He has to guard the jewels that she gets to wear. They are beauties!

This guy is so serious. He won't crack a smile!!! I tried to crack some jokes. You know me!!! But he just won't pay any attention. He has to follow her everywhere. Her and the jewels. He carries what she is not wearing at the moment. He also knows the schedule for her costume changes. He hands me what we need as she is coming off the stage.

But he follows her and I until we get to her dressing room. Then he waits outside. He also followed her to an off stage bathroom. And stood right outside the door. What a job!!! But he is serious about it.

For me, tonight is a lot milder than last night. Last night, I just had a really good time. I had a couple of drinks. And took a few rides on the mechanical bull. By the way, if you have never tried one before, you should!!! It is so much fun!!!

I should get back to paying attention. Lola has a costume change coming up. Manders is in charge of her hair and makeup. Cole deals with the clothes and shoes. I do the jewelry. And there are 5 costume changes. We have 2 minutes to get it all done!!! Craziness!!! ~Tabi