Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Challenge

The guys challenged us girls to a pool tournament tonight. I don't think, that they thought, that we know how to play pool. I have to admit, we like to play when we go to Sin City! Lola is a pool shark!!! I think she could have a career in it if she chose to.

But the guys challenged us. I think that Mr. Blue Eyes there, wanted to challenge Lola. Or watch her play. Either way, we were all up for the challenge! One by one, we beat the guys. I don't think they could believe their eyes!!!

Lola spanked Mr. Blue Eyes. But he didn't mind. I caught him more than once checking her out! It was hysterical! When all was said and done Ladies 28-Guys 3! Yup, we spanked them! A few of the guys wanted to challenge us to something else. But couldn't figure out what. They thought about Poker. Then they remembered that Lola plays with the Mafia when we go to Sin City. Ya, we know the Mafia. And they like to play Poker. They have taught us all!

Instead, we have just been hanging out. It has been a lot of fun! Lola cooked a big BBQ spread. Mr. Blue Eyes helped out. He was the "Grill Man." The food was so good. It is a nice way to end out trip. It is still cold and rainy. But we are having such a good time! I really don't want to go home! ~Tabi