Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally Home

I finally got home. It is much warmer here! Yay! I am so glad!!! I have seen enough rain for a long while. All it did while we were in NC was rain. It was so cold out there. We all ended up buying hats, scarves, and gloves.

But it was a good time. I am glad that we went! We only practiced 2 times. But that was OK. It was like a bonding trip for all of us. We got much closer. I also tried to convince Daddy Warbucks to join us on twitter. But no deal yet. I am a little worried about our upcoming rehearsals though!!!

Daddy Warbucks and GQ are going to possibly attend our upcoming practices. I could also tell that Lola was ready to pick apart everything. We have had so much material to learn. And no time at all! With some of the girls getting sick, that really cut into our practice time.

This week is going to be murder. And it is going to be worse when Lola starts practicing with us. But it is almost time for us to go perform. We all need that kick in the butt! I just hope, that my butt stays in 1 piece. Only time will tell. ~Tabi