Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vegas Here We Come

We are on our way! Yes, people we are going to Vegas! We leave in a couple of hours. And I am pumped! After our show last night, we are so ready for Vegas! We performed 2 shows last night. And the BBs performed 1 set. They didn't do more because they had just played in NC. But they are definitely ready too! The VIP show lasted until way into the wee hours of the morning. But it was a good show!

Today when we get to Vegas, we are going to be practicing. We have on stage rehearsals for a few hours. Then we are going to a big and fancy dinner with our 2 bosses. They are pumped up! So am I! I enjoy performing. And lately, it doesn't happen much! But dinner with them is always fun. We laugh, eat, and eventually find ourselves playing poker!

We are going to be in Vegas until November 10th. That means Halloween in Sin City. And boy Cole did not disappoint in the costume scene. Not at all! Besides the costumes she made for the shows, she made 2 sets of costumes for our Halloween shows. One night, we are going to be Barbies! How fun is that? I am ready! On Halloween, we are going to be HOT Vampires! It is going to be fun!

That's about all. There are 75 people going! I know! It is crazy. But it is the band. Some of them are taking their girlfriends or wives. Then you have us ladies and Lola. Some friends are meeting us. And Mr. Blue Eyes and his friends are going. We have our team, Manders, D, and Cole. There are a bunch of people going. But this is no way the largest group we have ever taken with us! We are flying on 2 private planes. I don't exactly know how we are splitting up. Then on the 3rd plane, it is the bands' instruments, our luggage, and anything else we need. Did I tell you, we ship trunks of clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. ahead of time? Yup! We have a lot of junk that we have to take. But it should be fun! ~Tabi