Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows!!! I'm glad that it is back. And tonight, did not disappoint. I thought that I would have to miss it. We have been practicing for our Vegas shows. But our rehearsal got cancelled tonight. I was glued to the TV!!!

Thatcher returned. In need of a liver transplant. I was shocked when Meredith decided to be the donor. She paced and paced. In the end, she did it for Lexie. I'm kinda bummed that Ellen Pompeo's character is going to be absent until she returns from her maternity leave. She is definitely my favorite character!

Cristina's character cracked me up! I just had to laugh at her surgery. But she is one of the most important characters in this show. She just makes the show. I am already so full of Izzy. Honestly, I wouldn't miss her if she was gone.

For a while there, this show was a disappointment. I think with the writer's strike and without Isaiah Washington, the show got a bit boring. I'm glad to see it back. And at the level that it is at. I can't wait until next week! ~Tabi