Monday, September 14, 2009

Being a Couch Potato

I haven't done anything real productive today. Actually, I have been a couch potato for about 2 weeks now! No lie!!! Today was the pinnacle for me. I watched YouTube videos all day long!!! And when a girl called in to work for the 4th time in a week, with no excuse, I fired her. Because that is not how we roll at our store. And I will not be known as the "Easy Manager." No sir, no mam!!! We go to work when we are supposed to. And we are bums when we don't have to.

But after all these years of watching YouTube videos, I finally signed up for an account!!! It should make my viewing a lot easier! Because until this time, I have had to search for my favorite channels every single time. It still does not excuse my laziness today. And the fact that I have not done a darn productive thing all day long! OK, I went to the gym. But that was it.

I just sat and watched YouTube videos. Then I took a break to watch General Hospital on TV. And to go out and pick up takeout food. And to twitter. But that was it. Until I decided to blog. I am lame. I know it!!! I long for the days when we used to perform. And traveled every weekend. When I was not a couch potato!!! Daddy Warbucks and Lols...please help a girl out!!! ~Tabi