Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Was Hopeful

Really I was. What else can you ask for? As the evening got closer, I got more excited about my Blind date. Feelingpretty wonderful in my new dress!! But before the date could begin, it was already all down hill. And fast!!

First of all, he was 45 minutes late. With no call!! Ya, I would have liked that. But nothing. I was giving him 5 minutes, then I was going to change into my sweats and eat some pizza. I was actually in the middle of ordering my pizza when the doorbell rang.

It was my date. He didn't look bad. Smelled nice. But the guy's breath left so much to be desired. So much!! At the restaurant, he was just so uncomfortable. Which sucked because it is one of my favorite restaurants!! The convo was worse than a visit to the gyno!! So uncomfortable!! I tried. I even tried to talk about sports. Something that I don't know much about. It wasn't working.

He had a few drinks. And when I suggested that I drive us back, he had a fit!! See my date is staying with his cousin. aka My neighbor. I really didn't want him to drive. But what the hell was I supposed to do?? It wasn't that far and he only had 2 drinks.

On the middle of the freeway, his car broke down. In the flipping dark, the car just died out. We were in the middle of a construction zone too!! Cars zooming all over the place!! I was not having this. The guy was pissed. I was not going to wait there all night. Especially with someone that was beginning to loose it! I called Nico and Jelly. They live close to where we were stranded.

My date was not happy at all. But at this point, I didn't give a crap! I just wanted to get home. And away from him!! Nics was pissed about my date's attitude. So was I!! Nico was able to tow my dates car back to my neighbor's house. My date promptly went into the house. I was kinda happy about that!!

After thanking Nico and Jelly, I went into my house. Ran a hot bath. Lit some candles and unwound for a bit. After my bath, I enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's in my PJs. Still 2 of my favorite guys!! Then off to dreamland for me. I was hoping for a semi good date. Instead, it was a disaster!! I hope he doesn't call me!! How do I face my neighbor now?? ~Tabi