Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Screwed Up Girl Math

Do you do girl math? I do! The kind were if you save $20 on clothes, then you can go and buy $20 worth of makeup. Because in your head, it works out. You haven't spent more than you planned to in the first place. Ya, I know that it sounds stupid. But that is "Girl Math."

I do it with food too. Like if I cook at home, I allow myself to eat more. Tacos for example. If I make them at home, I feel like they are healthier. Then I eat more. Because I allow myself the same number of calories. Are you following me??? Or have I completely lost you???

Girl math is plaguing my workout/eating situation though. It is the only place were it doesn't make complete sense. Even to me!!! I think it is becoming an issue. Like tonight. I had an intense 2 hr workout. The kind that leaves you weak and barely walking. I come home, take a shower, and get me some chocolate ice cream. Ya, a bowl with 2 scoops, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. Because using "Girl Math" I worked out before. I had earned it.

It doesn't make sense to me either!!! It's just what I do. Sit in my pjs and eat ice cream, after I workout. I think I need some help. I need someone to tell me that my "Girl Math" is wrong. hehe ~Tabi