Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fair Day

I had a blast this weekend! It was just one of those really good weekends! Yesterday, the girls and I went to the State Fair. It felt like when we were in high school and would have a "Fair Day!" Do you remember those? You would eat, ride all the rides, and come home with those silly roses in a million different colors!

Other than that rude lady at the "My Mineral Glow" booth, we had a blast! Ya, seriously, if you are trying to sell makeup like that, and build your business, have a better attitude. There were 8-10 of us wanting to buy some eyeshadows. And that woman gave us such an attitude. None of us bought anything. I can't believe she would rather talk to some young tweens, maybe 13 yrs old, than to sell us products!!! I checked out their website. And I thought about placing an order today. Because I really wanted to try their products. But why should I give them business after they treated us with such attitude and disrespect!!!

Wow, that felt good to get that off my chest! But the girls and I really did have a good time. We eat so much food. I can't believe it! We got to the fair when it opened. We had breakfast burritos. And walked around the exhibits. Trying everything out. We got antelope antlers at the wilderness place, and talked politics with these nice old ladies from the GOP. Every time we saw food, we had to eat! It was almost ridiculous! But the food was so good that I couldn't resist!!!

After lunch, turkey legs and corn on the cob, we went to the kiddie section. Oh ya, we played with the animals. They had a petting zoo. Had so much fun! Then we played the games. They had an apple picking game. Annie and I tied for the win!!! And I bought a bunch of junk!!! You know the stuff you loved as a kid, Hello Kitty Stationary, boxes, and just girly stuff. We finished our craziness with the duck races. My duck ran the wrong way!!! We came in last.

We spent a good couple of hours shopping. That's when we ran into the ladies from "My Mineral Glow." I was so disappointed. But I bought other stuff. They had a stand with Avon and another with Mary Kay. So I got my makeup on!!! Came home with a big bag of makeup. I did buy a few pairs of earrings from various vendors, and a purse!!! I am so in love with it!!! Something that I would not normally buy, but LOVE!!!

For dinner, we went to the Spanish Village. Ate big Mexican plates and listened to good music. Annie and Mari went to the Indian Village and bought some fried bread. How about 10 of them??? We all shared it with a bunch of sweets from the Spanish Village. Things like mini eclairs, chocolate strawberries, and chocolate bananas!

When it got dark, we headed to the Midway. Baby, we rode just about every ride! Had so much fun! And a nice man won me a big bear. He was a nice guy. Just won me my bear and that was all we saw of him. What can I say??? I seem to have that effect on men!!! Before we left, near closing time, we stopped for berry sundaes. So delish!!! I am still dreaming of them!!! We honestly had a blast!!! I am so glad we all got to go together!!! ~Tabi