Thursday, September 17, 2009

East Village

I know, that picture sucks!!! But this nail polish is my new favorite color!!! I went to pick up a prescription for my grandma earlier today. And while I waited, well I wondered over to the makeup aisle. Come on, like you don't do that at Walgreens too!

I saw the NYC-In a New York in a Minute nail polish. It is their fast drying formula. I think it is fairly new. There were a wide range of colors. Too bad that the colors I wanted, were not in stock! I really wanted this deep purple called Chinatown. Or the nudish pink called Mulberry Street. But they were not in stock.

Instead, I found East Village. A deep peacock color. A lot deeper than this picture from their website. But for under $2, it was a steal!!! I want to try more. It dried fast. And was a good formulation. You know, some drugstore nail polish has a weird texture. But I liked this one. 2 coats and I am dancing with happiness!!! I am already plotting a different route to work tomorrow just to go to a different Walgreens!!! ~Tabi