Friday, September 11, 2009

Girls' Night Out

My friends and I used to do this weekly. On Friday nights we would meet at Gardunos. Lola would be there to play in the mariachi. After she left the group, she would just meet us too! But we would all meet for Happy Hour. Honestly, most of us didn't drink. Or only had 1 margarita. But we would sit and talk. Of course we ate!!! We were at Gardunos! And we enjoyed the mariachi. Probably a little too much!!!

Especially so when that cutie worked there. I don't know his name. But damn, he was easy on the eyes. I think I just sounded like a guy there. :S But he was really good looking. With a cute booty!!! And he had the hots for Lola. Major H-O-T-S!!!

Once, we were all there, except Lola. But her parents were sitting at a table. He was just looking around for her. All of a sudden, in she came. After working at the hospital. Still in her scrubs, she trotted over to her parents' table. He could not take his eyes off of her. Was all fidgety. Totally reminded me of a 13 yr old boy who was in love with a high school cheerleader! Funny thing, she was a cheerleader in high school.

But he was always that way. Even at Charritos. But he never had the huevos to act on it. Poor guy!!! I don't even know what happened to him. And when Lola moved back, out of town, the rest of us still would go to Gardunos. We would take pictures of his butt and text them to Lols. Why I don't know! Because she never believed us in the first place! But he really did like her!!!

I got so off the subject there. But tonight we all met for dinner. It was just like the good old days. But our dear friend, Lola wasn't there. She is off working. Saving the country from Swine Flu!!! But a bunch of us went out. And we had so much fun!!! Ate way too much food!!! Finally we all caught up on each other's lives. Life is good!!! We just missed Lols and her, "Seriously? Seriously! SERIOUSLY!!!" We did miss that. And that cute mariachi guy and his butt!!!

Because in our group of friends, we have a slightly weird obsession with butts. And cute mariachis. And we all missed Lols to the ends of the earth! ~Tabi