Friday, September 4, 2009

Blogs, Twitter, and Blind Dates

I joined my friends. I think we have all been on some mission to get a blog over the last couple of days. We are just finding it harder and harder to stay connected. More and more of us are moving farther and farther away. And let's be honest, we all wanted to copy Littlebit's too cool for words blog. At least we can all be inspired!!

I also joined twitter. That my friends, may just be my new hobby!! Can I say that about an online community? I think I just did!! But it is true. I like that it is short and to the point. that it doesn't require too much thought. And it is just spontaneous blah blahs.

That has been my Friday so far. Signing up for things. And trying to decide on a nifty little layout. I was completely excited to see that my blog and twitter pages match!! Now, I think I am just being corny. But that is what you get here. At my blog!

The bad news about today, is I have a blind date tonight!! Why did I agree on a Friday? Fridays are supposed to be good days. Days to relax and be excited for the weekend. Not to have to stress over some date. But on of my neighbors is setting me up. Tonight!!

To make it more exciting, I went shopping last night. I bought a new dress, shoes, and some earrings. The dress is my favorite!! A light blush pink dress. About knee length. See, I am excited about this date. I figure if I get excited about my clothes, than I will get excited about the date.

I feel like an idiot though. I forgot about the date. 2 hours ago, I was calling my friends to set up a Girls' Dinner. That obviously hit a snag when I called my neighbor. She reminded me of my date. I had to cancel on my girls!! Then I went for a mani-perdi to relax. Now, I am feeling better about tonight! ~Tabi