Saturday, September 19, 2009


In case you are ever bored, I want you to know that there are great channels to watch on YouTube. Rockybabes, or Annie, is one of my favorites!!! Her channel has videos about her adventures in the UK, makeup, cooking, her husband Martyn, and their dog Rocky! Annie is just amazing!!! Here is one of her cooking videos...

Doesn't that look yummy??? And you say, Tabi how did you find her? Why do like watching Annie's videos? Well, a few years ago, I was performing almost every weekend with a group of friends. Lola was the singer, and there were 6 more of us that danced. We traveled all the time!!!

And Lola is a bit of an insomniac. She got hooked on watching YouTube videos. She especially liked watching some of the channels that had people with heavy accents. They seemed to help her sleep. Especially the Brits!!! She really liked some of these channels just because she liked them. And at night she would play their videos to get sleepy. That is how I found Rockybabes1234. One night Lola was watching a video of hers, and I got hooked!!!

But I like Annie because she is real. She not on overdone YouTube Guru. Being fake and trying to push the free product of the week. Instead, Annie is a real woman!!! She shares her life with us. I enjoy going on her little shopping trips, hearing about her life, seeing her home. I too, like her accent. And cute little Rocky!!! But Annie's channel is just one of those fun ones!!! ~Tabi