Monday, September 21, 2009


I totally am!!! I can't lie. It's not a bad thing. Except I am eating everything under the damn sun and sky! Especially not good, because I work at the mall.

Today, I wore a dress. Good thing. Because the minute that Cinnabon opened, I was there!!! I had already been to Starbucks. I ate at Panda Express for lunch. A 3 item combo! With egg rolls on the side. And then had Dairy Queen!!! An Orange Julius and a chocolate dipped cone. The large one!!! OMG!!!

When I left work, I stopped by Walgreens and bought a crap load of candy! All chocolate of course! And 4 containers of Ben and Jerry's. My boyfriends!!! I also bought a large pizza, wings, and breadsticks from Pizza Hut.

Damn girl!!! I know!!! But I have been on this eating binge. I noticed over the summer that I am eating like this right before my period. Then I have no appetite during my period. What the hell is wrong with me??? I think it is because I am not working out as much as I used to! I haven't gained weight. But that's because I eat like a pig for a few days. Then I have no appetite for another week!

Ugh! I am so annoyed with myself! I am on the sugar highs and lows, crashing like a mad woman, and sleeping for hours. My sleep pattern is also all messed up too!!! And I'm addicted to YouTube videos! It's a good thing that I am drinking water. That's the only thing that I am doing right. I drink almost a gallon of water a day. The rest, I need to fix! ~Tabi