Monday, September 7, 2009

Crazy Weekend!!!

Ya, it really was. That stupid blind date was not the best way to start my weekend off. But you know how that goes. You can never tell until you are knee deep in shit. But I am still hopeful.

My neighbor seems to be slightly pissed at me. But you know what, I can't help what happened. I am just a girl. A girl that wanted to have a semi decent date. That is all I was asking for. The way it ended, no way was my fault. So there!!!

Saturday, I did spend the day at home. I just vegged out. Ate lots of ice cream and pizza. I actually had pizza delivered twice!!! Until the girls called and got me off my butt! I met them at MAC. Sad to say, I only bought 1 lipgloss. I just wasn't in the mood to shop. And I am one of those people that have to be in the mood. But we did eat at the Macaroni Grill!!!

Sunday we went to the Wine Fest!!! Did we ever have fun!!! It wasn't just about drinking. It was about my friends. We just hungout together. Laughed about dumb stuff. Ate tons of food! And eventually tasted some good vino!!! I hear some of them went back today. I didn't.

Today, I was in the mood to shop!!! Called up my gal Annie. And did we ever shop! It was more of a quantity kind of a day. We went to Target, Forever 21, Claire's, Walgreen's, Payless, CVS, and Melrose. Cheap and cheerful was our motto. I did however buy a few things at Dillard's. At the MAC counter!!! The crazy weekend was good. It ended with dinner at Zio's and now I'm home. ~Tabi